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Bedroom Confessional: She has been living with him for the last six months and he is reconnecting with his kids. They are teens and when they come over she doesn’t want to have sex out of fear that the kids will hear. He thinks she is being silly. Is she being super sensitive?

  • She’s not being silly but maybe she should practice being a little more quiet. But we will not alter our sex life. There is always a way!
  • I don’t think she’s being silly, we can just make a game out of it but its going down. Lmao
  • Yea shes being silly cause that why you have TVs and radios … turn that mofo to the max and let’s get it!
  • She is not being silly. She is being respectful.  And he should be grateful that she’s not a tasteless tramp.
  • Or he’s not “hittin’ it” right and she using that as an excuse to not bother having sex anyway lol
  • No, I think she’s showing much respect in which he should thank her for !!
  • Nope she is not. He should be glad that she has THAT much respect for HIS kids
  • No, she’s being very, very respectful of his children and if he doesn’t get that he is a friggin idiot!