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#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Tina Knowles-Lawson … Beyonce’s mom in a new article points to her sex appeal at 61 being a direct result of being loved well.

Do you think the way a person looks is a direct result of how good their lover is treating them?


  • Ok, let me shine some light on this topic. I believe that your looks can be a direct result of how your partner is treating you. People look a certain way when they are happy. Their skin has a certain glow. A person’s posture is different. We release endorphins and other people pick up signals. I truly believe that happiness shows on all of us and so does discontentment. it’s not a superficial thing, it’s from the inside out.
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  • Yes. Some people truly wear their heart on their sleeve and we know EVERYTHING they’re going through, good, bad or indifferent. Then there are folks who can put on a good face no matter what. Just depends on the person.
  • I will say when they are NOT doing well it can wear on you like stress. I have seen & know of couples that I feel their relationship has aged a bad way. Men going bald, gaining weight, working crazy long hours trying to be supportive. On the flip side I’ve witnessed what “looks’ like a “happy couple”. They look great together & compliment each other well. The bigger piece is to recognize when something is not good for you and doing you harm. That is Not a good look. Gotta take care of self & that’s inclusive to removing bad “ships”..relationships, friendships, s/o etc.
  • Yes, I believe it can be. A person may look rundown and haggard if they are with someone who doesn’t treat/love them right.
  • It’s part of it but it depends on how you feel about your self and treat your self mentally an physically number 1 is first priority and the will take care of itself!!

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