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NeNe’s son Bryce was arrested again … caught up in a check forgery situation. He seems to be unable to stay out of trouble. NeNe said on a reunion when asked about his issues that he is an adult and makes his own choices. Basically don’t talk to her about his mess.

When an adult child goes wrong … is it always the parent’s fault?

  • Absolutely not! Some of these adult children think they are invincible and fear nothing or anyone. And they think they know everything until it’s too late.
  • Depending on the situation. If they just were bad parents yes. But if the child openly just made a bad decision and continues to its on them that’s a self decision
  • Not. Key word ADULT. He is her child but no longer her responsibility.
  • I don’t think all parents actually realize the level of influence they have on their kids. whether its direct or indirect. its powerful.
  • No. When you are a good parent and you have done all you can do, at the end of the day, your children really are adults with their own lives to live & decisions to make. Good or bad, they have to live and learn and suffer the consequences!
  • No you raise them the best way you can but ultimately they will decide what’s wrong or right for them. He is a grown man she can’t control what he does. #HeyNow
  • Absolutely NOT if the parents have set a foundation, instilled values, and morals . Our children have their own path an unfortunately sometimes it’s painful but it produces LIFE LESSONS  

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