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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Vanessa Williams just tied the knot for the 3rd time at 52. Her new husband is white.

Would you date someone outside of your race if you are constantly unlucky in love within your race?

  • It’s not about luck with your race, it’s about the person/people. The race is a coincidence. But I prefer a gorgeous black woman, but I definitely wouldn’t discriminate on another race.
  • Yes! I would even if it wasn’t for that fact, its just like a buffet with new ideas with change, excitement constantly!
  • Sure. Why not? Send them my way…just gotta be over 6 feet tall. Most of us may not have been married twice and entering a third, but we have had unsuccessful relationships that lead us to search out “something new.”
  • Yes! Skin tone has nothing to do with it. It’s all about Love, Respect, Honesty, and his ability to keep up with my metabolism.
  • I did not check out of black love, just opened up for new horizons. I love that hubby loves me and have taken me places I’ve never thought I would have traveled to. #lovesknowsnocolor
  • Yessss Indeed!!!!! I don’t discriminate at all…I love cream in my coffee
  • It’s Not The Race Of The Person That matters. It’s the substance of a person that does. If she been married 3 times, maybe it’s not the men she is choosing, it’s her. If you having the same outcome with different people, you are the problem
  • I wouldn’t marry outside my race BECAUSE I’ve had bad relationship with women of my race. It would be because of the individual woman. I love Black women and there’s plenty to choose from.


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