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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — There have been quite a few of cases in the news lately of lovers injuring/ killing kids in their care.

Should a boyfriend/ girlfriend not related to a child be able to discipline them?

  • These women were thirsty, this wasn’t the first time these men beat these kids. The women allowed it
  • Even when it comes down to being a Step Parent you still have boundaries and everyone work together on setting them. Me personally, I would never consider disciplining my husband’s son because he has a great mother and his father is there apparently so they can handle the situation if I have any issues.
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  • No! It is also why you don’t let kids meet every person you date! You need to screen and background check any potential partner, spouse or boyfriend/ girlfriend before they are bought around your kids. Some abusers and many pedophiles target single women and men with young kids to keep the abuse at home.
  • No. A boyfriend/girlfriend should not be disciplining their partner’s children. A husband/wife that has committed to the best interest of the family by joining it should be able to….but there are always boundaries that should be understood and respected. Taking the time to actually REALLY GET TO KNOW PEOPLE is a lost art to some….and the consequences are catastrophic.
  • You just can’t come into a new relationship and decided to take over,,,
  • It saddens me every time there is a news story about this. Poor children. Boyfriend status, definitely NOT!
  • Only if they live together and has permission
  • Not at all. If the child needs to be disciplined then the parent needs to take care of them not the boyfriend or girlfriend.

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