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There is a growing trend as we learn more about being transgender that parents are allowing children at much younger ages to dress/ present themselves as the gender they believe they are.

Do you agree or disagree with this?

  • I am on the fence but I agree due to the high suicide rate among teens today that have sexual orientation confusion. I feel that if they have to deal with bullying and the pressures of being a teen and with the struggle between good and evil within then just as when you became a parent you knew you had to protect and advocate for them you still do as a teenager
  • I disagree. Young kids haven’t reached puberty yet, they don’t know what sex is, and they may enjoying dating the opposite sex when they’re older. Kids are clueless and they shouldn’t be encouraged to be transgender at a young age
  • No. You can do as you please once you move out.
  • I disagree. At a very young age, it may be just a phase.
  • I’m going to say no … wait until a legal adult. I taught an effeminate male (14) in an after school program and my Co-Instructor said he was gay (in private conference) and I refused to call him gay at 14. He was homeschooled because he received threats in school and he was unaccustomed to interaction with kids his age. He was causing a disruption. There was talks of banning him from the program but I fought for him to stay because where else was he going to get peer interaction? Long story short. He got better and I even caught him flirting with one of the girls. Another reason I couldn’t call him gay. For one reason or another he WAS effeminate, but sexual identity is a lot deeper than that.