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We all have secret celebrity crushes that we hate to admit to. Mine is Wayne Brady. Yes, he is corny, but he can still get it and I am not exactly sure … why?

Tell me about your celebrity crush that you hate to admit to:

  • Jennifer Aniston. Well before i was married… ::backing off post slowly::
  • Victor Newman from Y&R … yessssss
  • Ed Reed that scruffy look he has going on is a turn off but when he speaks or smiles I melt
  • Bunk from The Wire (Wendell Pierce)
  • Steve Guttenberg about 20 years ago. I think he put me in the mind of a real life crush I had. I don’t think I ever told anyone about Steve. Lol
  • I love me some James Evans from Good Times. Although, he was broke he had manly man swag, was courageous, and look like he had Florida mesmerized. Whoowee James, I’ll always luv you. Rip
  • Chris Brown and Ralph Macchio (original Karate Kid)
  • Wiz khalifa and i am not embarrassed by him but hes def not my type. Lol i love his teeth and smile but hate his height and weight
  • Neil Patrick Harris…idk what makes it weirder/more embarrassing…the fact that he’s white or the fact that he’s gay…lol idk what is wrong with me lol he’s all the way not my type
  • Micheal Ealy….i dont like light skinded men…lol
  • Joey from Blossom. He was and still is hot
  • Miley Cyrus. That lil girl has always had swag to me. I think it’s her spirit that I’m attracted to
  • Dave Navarro – has that dark, mysterious side, black nail polish and all!!
  • The Presidents wife from Scandal Millie….