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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — A listener on vacation was SHOCKED that a teen who looked about 15 was running around visibly pregnant in a bikini. She thought it was classless.

Is it appropriate for a 15 year old 7 month pregnant teen to rock a bikini at a public pool?

  • No. She shouldn’t even be pregnant, but that’s today’s society for you
  • What’s the definition of appropriate in this situation? Tasteless maybe, but she’s already pregnant. Modesty is a lost trait anyway, so that’s a minor offensive action.
  • It’s fine they at a pool. What you want her to wear a trench coat? If it’s not hurting you or bothering you let it go.
  • I see pregnant women in all types of swimsuits….they are normal people that do water yoga, go to the pool, beach etc. If I’m not offended by one pregnant female in a swimsuit that shows her belly why should i be upset at the next?
  • In my eyes though she may be pregnant and the deed is done she’s still a child and with me she will act accordingly. I often see teen mothers get free reign to do what ever they please and during this time they need thee most guidance for they are now responsible for another life.
  • Though times have changed and I’ve changed slightly with them, but I still have my core beliefs and if she was with me she would not be wearing a bikini at 15 whether pregnant or not. Because society accepts doesn’t mean everybody has to conform.
  • I don’t see anything wrong with it. What’s hiding gonna do? Nothing, but make her feel bad and ashamed of it. A huge problem us Americans have is always wanting to vilify and punish someone for defying our own personal beliefs… who are u?
  • Morals don’t change. Opinions do. People do. Whether it was tasteful or classless is a matter of perspective. On the grand scheme of things, we have become a more open minded society, but also one that holds ourselves to very low standards.