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Does Lyfe Jennings Know Who He’s Dealing With?

This episode picks up from the fight between Sina, Karlie Redd and KD being broken up. Sina and Karlie lured KD to the event to mess with her, and feel like they’ve accomplished their mission because KD got upset enough to escalate the situation. However, once the melee was broken up, Karlie’s new boo, Lyfe Jennings, pulled her aside and reprimanded her about her behavior, saying that he has legal situations and that she could inadvertently drag him in into her crazy and get him into trouble. Basically, he was saying that her shenanigans could get him into a fight trying to defend her honor. She claims she’s going to calm it down, but that’s not possible for Karlie when cameras are on.

In all fairness, we know Lyfe had been locked up for a while, so it’s quite possible that he wasn’t up on Love in Hip-Hop Atlanta all these years. Maybe he’s not even really sure who Karlie Redd is. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Margeaux’s New Beef

Margeaux confronts Joseline about the whole photoshoot debacle. Come to find out, Joseline knew about the shoot, but didn’t think was that big of a deal since Margeaux would have gotten some shine out of the deal. However, this “conversation” doesn’t go well. In true Joseline fashion, she starts yelling obscenities, and being condescending to the point where Margeaux decides to leave. Her last words are that Stevie owes her 10 stacks for the shoot. Real celebrities don’t even get paid for cover shoots because this sort of work is filed under promo, so Margeaux will probably be holding her breath for a long time.

Bambi Being Scandalous

Bambi, despite getting the key to Scrappy’s house, is not feeling her current relationship. She claims that Scrappy isn’t really doing anything for her career, so the question is, is she in it for love or… never mind.

Anyway, she went behind his back and appeared as the leading lady in the video for some artist that we’ve never heard of named Laude. They were hugged up on each other in the video, but also kind of flirty in real life. Bams claims that this Laude character has done more for her than Scrappy. Here’s another question: Wasn’t Bambi trying to be a rapper when we met her back in her Basketball Wives LA days? So, why would she step backwards by being a video girl? Mmkay…

Bambi thought she was being slick by not telling Scrappy about the video or the release party, but their circle is small, so of course, Rasheeda was there, and she peeped game too. Rasheeda and Scrappy are friends, so she she decides to be a Chatty Patty and hip Scraps to game.

The Chatty Studio Session

Kirk and Rasheeda link with Scrappy during a studio session, and spilled all the tea. Scrappy obviously isn’t happy about the fact that Bambi didn’t tell him about the video and that she and the guy were all up on each other in it. This conversation doesn’t end well. Bambi storms out, and Scrappy tells her that if she walks out it’s over. They’ve been here before, and we know Bambi probably wants more Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta camera time, so we’ll be seeing her again.

Dinner Fail

Kirk and Tony thought it was a good idea to bring Rasheeda and Kalenna together for dinner because they want their wives to be friends again. They meant well, but the conversation didn’t go as planned. Things got derailed once Tony started bringing up his thoughts about Kalenna’s possible postpartum depression, and the fact that he considered Rasheeda and Kirk to be like godparents to their new son. Kalenna goes off on Tony for bringing up the postpartum situation at the table, and because of the godparent remark. They start arguing while Kirk and Rahseeda watch and laugh. Eventually, Tony and Kirk step away from the table hoping that Rasheeda and Kalenna would hash it out, but Kalenna just turns her frustration on Rasheeda and they started arguing again, tossing insults around about who’s broke and who’s doing what when really, they all could use a little humble juice, but Kalenna also needs to deal with her potential depression off camera or away from these toxic people, and with a therapist who has her best interests at heart.


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