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Compliments are always good, but they can sometimes be … strange. Had a guy today tell me that he liked my “real” eyebrows. I got what he was saying, but … okay.

What is the strangest compliment you ever received?

  • Girl your feet pretty to be so big
  • You have slurping lips.
  • Was told that I look kinda like a light skin Jay Z…and she really thought THAT was a compliment?
  • Those look like some strong legs…I don’t know if that is a compliment or if he was saying I’m too fat for my legs
  • You have a nice forehead
  • A man in the line behind me in McDonald’s told me, “Your hair is real. You don’t see that too often.”
  • “Those hips are screaming for twins!” That is a compliment that will be forever etched in my brain.
  • You remind me of my brother