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The Bedroom Confessional: His wife wants them to take on a second wife to remove a lot of her stress and obligations to the marriage. He doesn’t know what to think about this. What should he do?

  • See if they can work on the stress they already have before inviting another human being into the relationship. The obligations of a wife actually are more natural than most people think, you just have to separate your commercial standards from real life standards.
  • This is dumb. ‘Johnny daddy is taking on another wife to help me with my marital obligations’… Who thinks this way? Either get spiritual counseling to fix what’s wrong or leave. Why blow up your marriage?
  • When he get the second wife pregnant
  • his 1st wife is gonna go nuts but its her fault
  • Maybe she is open to try new things, Bring excitement in the bedroom & around the house
  • She probably has aside dude too
  • Go find a woman who doesn’t need a co-wife. What kinda frakanackle bull is that?
  • Get a divorce who shares there mate to not work as hard
  • Sounds great!!!! But don’t do it dude!!!! . It will create more issues!!!!