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We all love social media, but sometimes it can be TOO MUCH! What are you tired of seeing in your various feeds and why?


  • People sharing incorrect information and fake news stories.
  • I’m sick of twerk videos and half naked chicks claiming to be “models”
  • People who post workout stats and pics every 5 seconds. But never look any different. Who you trying to fool?
  • ANY AND ALL KARDASHIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fights, people who singing & sound like broken glass on repeat lol, dumb fights, did I mention stupid fights lol
  • People complaining about everything when there are people out here sleeping on a concrete bed and don’t know when they will eat again.
  • People who don’t have anything, post pics of how how fabulous their life is, fighting videos, people who post themselves and food all day long, but number has to be all the racism and hate. Since we are so bound by rules of feelings at work and in various public place people hide on Facebook to be hateful and racist.
  • Pictures of diseased people (I’m sorry but when I’m in the middle of lunch, I don’t want to see the teen who has the WTF disease and please pray for them) now I’m sick and can’t eat!


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