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News of the more disturbing variety circulating the web is unfortunately the norm, but this is definitely up there with the most shocking. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a citizen of Mexico, just got an offer from Vivid Entertainment for a sex tape because he has a 19 inch penis.

The 52-year-old appears above in a video documenting his life, showing the size of his 2 lbs member. A deal with Vivid Entertainment hasn’t been negotiated just yet due to the language barrier, but if it works out, Cabrera could make a fortune.

In the meantime, Cabrera says having such a large phallus has cost him relationships, jobs, and it’s even too large for him to kneel in church for prayer.

Ugh! What porn star would be crazy enough to try to take that? I know they’re out there, but geesh, that is scary…and a potential death sentence. Like, that thang puts a literal meaning to “get all up in your guts.”


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