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Jenna and her roomies plan to throw a fight party at their place. Jenna is having writers block on her Hello Beautiful assignment about “10 Things to do on a Date Without Having Sex.” Of course she can’t think of anything! So, she starts spiraling into a neurotic meltdown claiming that her life has sucked ever since she became a born again virgin, and that she’s horny all the time, and that maybe the sex she was having was what made her interesting. Kelly gives her he side eye and basically tells her to have several seats…okay, she actually tells her to take a shower before their party starts.

Kelly severely cuts her finger and they end up having to call a paramedics to come check her out. Two hot paramedics show up to the scene and tell Kelly she needs to go to the hospital, but she won’t go until after the party, so they bandage her up in the meantime. Donovan comes through with his crab dip that he says has made women want to propose, and even offers to help Kelly cook. She’s stubborn, though, so she’s cooking with one hand, and suggests that he goes to get Jenna to take a shower instead of stressing about the story she has to write.

By the time they get to the main event, it looks like everything’s coming together nicely. Guests have arrived and food is prepared, but…it looks like Jenna forgot to pay the cable bill. Womp womp. This party meant a lot to Kelly, so Kelly goes off on Jenna, and they both start saying really mean things to each other, and eventually the party gets moved to Donovan’s apartment.

They make up in the end though, like true friends are supposed to, and Jenna made her deadline after all.


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