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Tyra Banks revealed recently on her new talk show how hurt she is when people ask why she doesn’t have kids because she has been trying for years with no success.

Is it rude to ask someone why they don’t have kids yet?

  • Kinda ….. It’s not bad if they don’t include yet….. I hate it when they look at me and say….”Your not getting any younger……” Or “Your how old OMG your not gonna have ANY!!!!!” I wanna wait till marriage… So no it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all its just annoying
  • Yes, but we live in good old unfiltered USA. People think they can say and do anything to you. If you’re not adding to anyone’s lifestyle as far as a contribution, then you need to mind your business. IMO
  • Its absolutely RUDE!!! Some woman may not be able to have children and may not want to share that with EVERYONE, also sometimes a busy career may not allow time for her to have kids…or just simply she may not want any, no husband or maybe hubby has an issue..
  • can be a little offensive. Usually it’s because someone in the relationship can’t have any. And some… well they just don’t want any.
  • I would say yes. Sometimes the reason can be a bit personal

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