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Do you think women with great Dads or guys with fantastic Moms find it harder to find the one because no one can compare?


  • No. It almost like setting the bar too high before you actually get to know the person. Expecting to find/have a relationship like what you have grown up with could be the same as putting limits on something that can grow into pure beauty.
  • I don’t think they are compared… But I do think the level of expectation is greater because a role model was present.
  • The standards are higher, but it’s not more difficult.
  • My mom and dad were my role models,but times has changed,I’m not the man that my dad was and they’re never be another woman like my mom was … RIP mom and dad
  • Yes…my parents are still together and I have never had successful relationships with men from single family homes…men aren’t men anymore…
  • My mom was the best (r.i.p.) and I found her spirit in my girlfriend (future wife) That being said, it can be hard, but you shouldn’t banish people who aren’t a spitting image of your parent. Just look for those qualities they had.