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Dear Tom,

My father is an overall outstanding man.  As a disabled, retired navy veteran, my father has spent his whole life taking care of and helping others. When my father was younger, he was an avid football player. He even gave up a chance to play in the NFL in order to be more present and active in his children’s’ lives. He did everything for his children from cooking breakfast every morning to tucking us in bed every night.

Recently, because of his background in football and fighting in the armed forces during the Vietnam War, my father had to get two total hip replacement operations.  He is doing well and is currently in physical therapy to help strengthen his legs post operation. At 60 years old, my father is once again able to walk with ease and without too much discomfort.

Because of this, my father is in the process of trying to start a barbecue cooking business, which he always wanted to do but never had the ability due to his limited mobility. I would love if my dad could buy some new supplies, and a few barbecue grills.  That would really help him with his new endeavor since he is on fixed income as a disabled vet.

After all that my father has done for me and my siblings over the years, he truly deserves to do something for himself!  He is the true definition of a real father and a real man. Thank you so much.

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