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Dear Tom,


I would like to nominate my husband for real fathers real men.  I met Edward 14 years ago. My first husband had passed away a little over a year earlier at the age of 29 from congestive heart failure leaving me as a 26 year old widow with four small children.

My focus at the time was only taking care of my kids and pursuing my degree. While out with a friend to celebrate my birthday, I met a country boy from Alabama who was in town for a welding job, that night he changed my life.

Edward and I dated long distance for two years and married in 2004.  Ed had custody of his three children and with my four– I often called us the black Brady bunch.  he is the most amazing man I know, waking every morning to read his bible, before heading off at 4 in the morning to work his first of two jobs.  End is a welder, he also has a barber shop. My husband has been through many tragedies in his life, including losing two uncles from cancer, father passing in 2009 from a stroke and last year he lost his mother from a sudden stroke, and his 37 year old brother from colon cancer within four months.

End is the backbone to my family and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for him. (And don’t worry tom I make sure that he gets yearly health checkups!) Four of our children have already graduated high school and are in college, one is working and the other in the army. Ed is a very busy man and his only hobby is riding his motorcycle, a Harley Davidson. He wants to add some accessories to it and I was hoping you could help. Please consider my husband, my best friend, Edward Anglin as your real father real men nominee.

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