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David Justice and Eric Benet decided to go in on Twitter about Halle Berry and her numerous failed relationships.

What is the meanest thing that an ex ever said about you?

  • She said I messed around with dudes and sold all my stuff. That ish just pissed me off again.
  • She marveled that my arm wasn’t broken from consistently patting myself on my back. The sad thing was, I didn’t take that as being mean. I patted myself on the back and moved on.
  • He said that I was selfish because I didn’t give him what he wanted ALL the time or when it was convenient for him. I’m not selfish.
  • He said that he hoped he never met another girl like me. Now he says he made a mistake. But it’s cool because I’s married now
  • She told me I wasn’t a good cook
  • He said that I was fat, dirty, miserable and lazy
  • He said  that I was fat after three babies and 14 years together. In my mind I was thinking dang for 14 years he thought I was fat
  • He said  I wasn’t big enough and wasn’t light enough…..I stand 5’7 and lets say i am healthy and a red bone and he left me for a 6’2 400lb girl and she was mixed what hurt the most is we look like sisters except she had an overbite

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