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Is Kim Fields on ‪#‎RHOA‬ old fashioned and wrong for being so attached to her family? The ladies were sort of clowning her tears and constant calls back home on the lady trip.

  • She should stay home….it’s nothing wrong with girl time and guy time
  • I don’t think it’s too fashioned. They need to shut up and mind there business
  • I admit, I call my husband and child, every day when I’m away from them. I miss them terribly, and I’m not afraid to show or admit it
  • They have never had that type of relationship before so they don’t understand it. I think Kim is too mature for the group
  • The thing about it is people have to be comfortable in their skin whether people clown them or not. I’m trying to quit channeling my inner Kim Fields lol she inspired me to get a damn life
  • Backward society when family is shunned. They did the same thing to Porsha now look at her. Manless and queen of thotland lol
  • If none of the other ladies have ever felt real love and that amazing connection with their mate that some people (like myself) have felt they wouldn’t understand. That’s why they found it amusing