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Tonight’s episode was a bit of a snooze, but the crux of it was Phaedra and Todd’s beef over money. That situation is still pending, and actually lead to Porsha and DonJuan having an icy exchange of words. Let’s take this back to the beginning, though.

Kandi is working as hard as she can before her new baby arrives, so she connected with her girl Demetria McKinney to executive produce Demetria’s album, and they got a new duet out of the deal too. The song, “Unnecessary Trouble,” is so promising that Demetria’s label decided to shoot a video.

Kandi got through hours on set like the g that she is, and the video turned out to be a success. Moving forward to the end of the episode, you know there was a video release party, right? Of course! It was the main event where Porsha and DonJuan kind of had a show down.

All the girls came to support Kandi and Demetria, but a night like this can’t go without drama, even if it’s minor. Todd and Phaedra have unfinished business because Todd says that Phaedra still owes him money from when he shot her prenatal workout video that never came out. Todd promised that he would keep it cute for the sake of Kandi’s big night. For the most part, he did, and surprisingly, Phaedra actually invited him to her office the next day so they can chat about their situation and square things away.

But in true Fakedra fashion, she went outside of the venue and gossiped to Porsha and Shamea about the situation. Phaedra claimed she paid Todd and that her checks cleared. Overall, Fakedra and the other ladies basically tried to insinuate that Todd was being a mitch about the situation. But like, who do you know that isn’t serious about their money? And you know Phaedra is shady! DonJuan happened to overhear the conversation so he stepped in on behalf of his friends. Phaedra, Shamea and Porsha claimed they weren’t saying anything negative (side eye), and this turned into DonJuan and Porsha trading shade back and forth because they didn’t like each other’s tones. Fakedra was quiet throughout most of DonJuan and Porsha’s session (typical), but cut the conversation short by leaving. The other ladies followed suit, so things didn’t escalate. However, in the preview for next week we clearly see Todd breaking numbers down to Phaedra. Something in the milk definitely isn’t clean.

Given Phaedra’s track record though, are you surprised that Todd has a discrepancy with her over money?

Kandi and Todd really just need to stop doing favors for friends without contracts in place…or just not at all.


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