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It was Age Old Question Night — You see your friend’s man/ woman out with someone else. Would you tell? Would you stay quiet? You guys blew-up my social media with your opinions on this one. Check out some responses below:

  • I wouldn’t. Let them see for themselves. Catch them in the act. Because they are not going to believe you think you jealous of what they got and they may still stay with that person.
  • Depends on the friend and if I have real proof
  • Nah stay out it that’s trouble …some people need a reason to say you jealous or hating on them. It will come to light sooner or later
  • Sure would…at 47 I have no filters…
  • Nope I lost a GREAT friendship over it…we still speak BUT it has not been the same
  • Depends, but honestly No. What difference is it going to make? I was in a situation like this, had proof and everything and it was his word against mine. Needless to say we are not friends anymore .. My lesson from this is that a  Relationship is between two people So let it stay between the two of them …