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With the recent murder of a DC mom and her toddler allegedly over child support; should the courts be providing more services for families that have not reached a peaceful child support settlement? Check out listener thoughts below:

  • Absolutely, it’s actually something they ask you when you initially file. They ask is there a potential for violence or has there been any violence.  This really needs to be made more of a priority now.
  • People need to stop making excuses. Nothing in life is that serious for you to kill a child in cold blood. He had other options. Stop making the excuses for people
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  • This is so sad. All of this could have been avoided by using a condom. Yes, both parents should support children but no one should feel stressed and pushed into doing the unthinkable.
  • I mean I feel for the child and mother. Prayers are being sent up on the regular. But child support is a joke …that man was working in fast food spot. How the hell was he going pay 600 and live and take care of himself… Some women use child support like a escrow account…The system need to readjust how they do child support…
  • It’s very sad that a lot of these child support cases end in violence. Some people can’t take the pressure of losing custody/having limited visitations with their child. You take custody away but say you need to pay the other parent $$. Sometimes the amount of money is way more than the parent can afford. In some cases the parent lose their job, license, home and alot are jailed if they can’t pay their monthly obligation. I believe this can cause anyone to break. I am not condoning violence but the court has to find another way to handle child support matters.
  • The system is a failure (incarcerations, child support, child abuse, etc.)! Programs need to be mandated and in some instances supervised. There is not enough manpower in social services and we, as human services workers are drained. More resources are needed!
  • The system needs to be looked at by people that have a real interests in keeping families healthy. However the pink elephant that no one wants to ever address is mental illness and the stigma toward it in our community
  • The whole system needs to change. I know a guy who pays $1,000 a month for a child that he can’t see without the mom filing bogus charges. The mom doesn’t work but she is considered the custodial parent. If this man doesn’t pay he goes to jail and lose his job and can’t provide for his family. The system is one sided.
  • Folks need to be more responsible BEFORE laying down and creating a life. Unfortunately, we cannot determine what will set someone off and push them over the edge. Child support system needs revamping!!

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