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A native of Flint, Michigan, Dr. Eshe Faizah is more than concerned about the #FlintWaterCrisis. She plans to address the deadly situation from a empowerment standpoint teaching parents and children of Flint the natural methods to  heal the city naturally. She says there are several food detox methods that can move as many toxins from their body.

My sister told me that she and a several other women were all in the grocery store trying to figure out what food that they could buy for their families that didn’t need to be washed…because of the water toxin issues…and they are buying more frozen meals…which tends not to be as health promoting.

The “Toxic Water Lifestyle” has become the “new normal” and we, people from all over the country truly want to help want to help.  Groups and people are sending truckloads of water from all over the country.

Food Detoxing


The population of Flint, is about 100,000 people and about 8,000 children, they need to have hope that they can use food, herbs, and natural remedies to assist their bodies and empower their hearts and minds, so that they can have a good life

Dr. Faizah has gathered natural health Practitioners from all over the country to come to Flint to teach Natural Healing Methods, that they can use themselves to create a culture of natural wellness.


Below are a list of items that Dr. Faizah will teach to make daily teas and food tonics.


People can contribute by going to our #HealFlintNaturally/GoFundMe or Amazon Wish List or they can buy from and a percentage of sales to #HealFlintNaturally.

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