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After three failed marriages Iyanla Vanzant recently told a talk show audience that she would never get married again because she doesn’t think marriage is set-up for equals. In her opinion, someone always has the upper hand or gets the better deal in a traditional marriage and she would never be in an unfair situation again. 

What do you think? Can a marriage be equal?

  • She is absolutely right …The challenge is being a repair person who can restore value in someone who is worthy of the time and work. So the fixer is always difficult task takes a special person to bring out the best in someone other than them.
  • Sounds like she needs a new career field!? How is she going to “fix my life” with a negative outlook like that? What if the thing that one of her guest needed fixing WAS marriage. These words may come back to haunt her but I hope not. Hope she sees things diff in the future
  • Many marriages are comprised of equals nowadays. Sounds like sour grapes. which is understandable with 3 failed marriages.
  • She’s absolutely right. It shouldn’t be equal. That’s how you build. Like building a house, not all contractors are skilled the same. It takes everyone’s talent to complete the project.

CLICK HERE for the video of Iyanla’s take on marriage