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James Fortune is the latest Christian celeb on the hot seat for doing horrible things in his personal life and apparently this isn’t the first time.

Question: Should ministers and Christian artists get a pass for being “human” when they are exposed in love, sex and relationship drama or should they be held to a higher standard?

  • Puritans who keep condemning sex talk are always doing major dirt behind closed doors. God bless those who are called, but some were never called, they just went.
  • If your focus is on God . Then you will understand that your minister is human.
  • No passes given. A crime is a crime. We have to stop excusing so much because of their faith, socioeconomic status, etc
  • I trust no man. Even people of the church. They are are only vessels for god. They are not god. They humans flesh get weak. Uplift them in time of need. As they would you.
  • He is abusive, needs to be held accountable and needs to get some help