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You could see it in his face – hear it in his voice – something he most likely has never ever contemplated.

Anderson Cooper: “When was the last time you actually apologized for something?”

Donald Trump: “Oh wow. ((Audience laughs)) No I do… I don’t know… can I think? But look I do believe in apologizing if you’re wrong. But if you’re not wrong I don’t believe in apologizing.”

It was perhaps the most revealing moment of CNN’s Republican Town Hall earlier this week; leaving many to wonder does being Donald Trump mean never having to say you’re sorry?

Let’s look at the evidence.

Just yesterday, Donald Trump gave a haphazard and controversial response to a question about whether women who get an abortion should be punished – given abortion becomes illegal if he becomes president.

“Do you believe in punishment for abortion? Yes or no is a principle.”

Donald Trump: “The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. (For the woman?) Yes, there has to be some form.”

As they say in movie scripts, “outrage ensued.”

Glenn Beck told me Trump has no idea what he’s saying and hasn’t given the issue much thought.

Glenn Beck: “Now you’re watching him and he says are you going to do it. Watch him, he’s looking up he’s thinking, thinking. Yes. He has no idea, he’s never thought of this before. He’s winging this entire election. He doesn’t mean what he says, he means it at the moment.”

A few hours later his campaign clarified his statements, but again, didn’t apologize for getting it wrong.

The abortion controversy dropped as Trump and his camp were still embroiled in the debate about whether he should fire his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski after he was arrested and charged with simple battery of a female reporter.

Donald Trump: “For instance I could have apologized, you brought up we started this with Corey my campaign manager. Will you apologize? I said apologize for what? I see the tape, apologize for what. I’d love to apologize. It would be so much easier. Apologize Corey, you’re fired.”

Instead of apologizing, as the reporter initially requested, Trump doubled down.

He says Lewandowski is innocent and the reporter exaggerated the entire encounter.

Initially, Lewandowski denied he had ever even met the reporter, let alone touched her.

That was until the video surfaced on Tuesday which captured the entire incident.

Trump explained that away too.

Donald Trump: “In her own words exactly, I was jolted backwards. Well she wasn’t, she’s standing there. Someone grabbed me tightly by the arm, tightly. And yanked me down. She wasn’t yanked down. She didn’t even have any expression. If someone in this audience gets yanked or gets hurt including me, you get hurt a little bit you go wow. There’s no emotion. Ok wait a minute, I also fell to the ground. I almost fell to the ground, she didn’t almost fall to the ground. He got in her way. And by the way she was grabbing me. Am I supposed to press charges against her?”

Donald Trump says he’s a loyal person and doesn’t want to ruin his campaign manager’s life.

Many are wondering where that same compassion is when it comes to the life of the young reporter.

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