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Michelle Rodriguez Clears The Air

Actress Michelle Rodriguez recently came under fire for some comments she made in a documentary in reference to Paul Walker’s death.

Michelle says she’s sorry the documentary exploited her comments and she would have never been a part of the project had she known that would happen.  The Ayahuasca she referst to is a psychadelic drug.

Bomani Jones Reps Caucasians On ESPN

With the 2016 MLB season underway, Bomani Jones used his platform on ESPN to make a political statement about the controversial Cleveland Indians logo.  He wore a Caucasians team t-shirt that played off of the Cleveland logo.  The Native American was replaced with a white guy with blonde hair and the feather sticking in the back of the his head was replaced with a dollar sign.  Midway through the show, ESPN asked Bomani to cover up his shirt.  He compromised by zipping his jacket halfway.  Damn Bomani, that’s kind of gangsta.

Rosewood – Morris Chestnut

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Rosewood Will See Season 2

Morris Chestnut’s new primetime drama has been renewed for a second season.  I can’t tell you what the show is about.  All I know is Morris looks absolutely yummy and he takes his shirt off.  ALOT.  I might not listen to the show but I damn sure watch.

Bill Clinton Claps Back At Black Lives Matter

Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted Bill Clinton’s speech in Philly.  As charming as he is, Bill is still a battle axe so he went toe to toe with them for 10 minutes.


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