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If you could travel back in time, what would you change?

Malik Yoba is the hunky Mr. Landau, an Englishman, who leads a group of young scientists on an expedition into the future in his new film ‘PARADOX.’ Yoba flexes his sci-fi muscle in the Michael Hurst-directed that also stars Zoë Bell.

“[Mr. Landau] comes back to present day and recruits five MIT students to help him build a time machine because it actually exists in the future,” Yoba explained during our candid sit-down. “So he figures if he can come back in time, now that he knows that it works, he can have people build one which will allow him to beat the person who built it in the future.”

As for believing in time travel, Malik says he time travels all the time. OK, not exactly how you’re thinking. “As a kid I used to have dejavu, I’d go ‘I been here before’ and it feels so real.’

“Paradox” is available on VOD and select theaters.


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