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Women that are “Sugar Babies” are all the rage right now. They have “Sugar Daddies” that fund their lifestyles. One lady said that her “Daddy” has spent over a million dollars on her. She said that a basic working and partnering lifestyle would never work for her and she is an asset to her “Daddy” which makes her different from a prostitute.

Could you ever be a “Sugar Baby” and just live the good life off of your sex appeal?

  • You damn right let me find the old lady that went to fund my lifestyle just to hang out for a couple hours I’m Wit It
  • That’s pathetic but oh well. Hope she saving some of that money because what happens when SHE gets OLD to him? What happens when he’s looking for the NEXT PYT to give his “sugar” to? will she get any support??…alimony?? NOPE!
  • Nah. Eventually I would get tired. I’d rather have MY OWN!
  • Women who knowingly engage in this type of relationship and do so on their own accord should be left to do so. What grown adults do within the limits of the law is up the them. #makethatmoney 
  • What happens when the sex appeal fades? Is there anything of substance to have that relationship & his ongoing support sustained if the physical/sexual stuff dies down? To each his own, we are all different but if she’s trading sex for money she’s in the sex working industry at minimum… Hope she’s investing that million into something worthwhile

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