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In a recent interview, Michelle Obama sat down with Makers to talk about her life on the South Side of Chicago and the importance of being the First Lady of the United States. She also shared that her most profound moment as FLOTUS was when her husband President Barack Obama was inaugurated into office on Jan 20, 2009.

“It was one of the coldest January’s that I’ve spent here in Washington D.C., it was freezing. I really remember what it felt like to walk onto the steps of the capital and stand there with Barack as he took the Oval Office and look out at what felt like endless amounts of people standing as far as the eye could see. From every race, age, background you could imagine would come from every corner of the country just to witness this historic moment. It was probably one of the most profoundly moving experiences that I have ever had,” she says.

On being First Lady:

“This role has been such a gift, because it brings with it this big bright spotlight and that’s why I have worked hard to choose work on issues that I care deeply about, that I feel really defines me or that I’m connected with that will really make a difference.”

On not growing up with a lot of money:

“But my brother and I were blessed with something far more valuable than [money] because my parents gave us unconditional love and encouragement to go places they never imagined for them.”

On school being the center of their lives:

“Neither of them had a college degree, but they made it very clear that they expected me and my brother to get the best education possible. So school was always always the center of our lives. So I made it my point to give it 120 percent.”

We love you Michelle!


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