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It is a morning ritual of mine to browse my favorite Instagram accounts while sipping coffee and commuting to work. Some of today’s stand-out stories include: Winnie Harlow clapping back at a boisterous fan, The Game challenging Meek Mill to a dual, and if you kept scrolling you’d see multiple cheating accusations against Iman Shumpert posted on Fameolousent. Screenshots of emails with the subject line “Shumps tea” provide receipts for the incredulous.

Why, Shump? Why?

It obviously hurts our hearts to read of Iman’s alleged infidelities, especially when he is engaged to his baby’s mother, Teyana Taylor, and they are often millennials’ ideal of #RelationshipGoals. And, the side chick stories couldn’t come at a worse time as the G.O.O.D Music songstress literally has all eyes on her after she broke the internet with her incredibly toned Black body in Kanye West‘s Flashdance-inspired video for “Fade.”

Not to mention, it f*cking sucks to be cheated on. Damn you, Shump. Damn you.

While Teyana may be new to some fans, she’s been around since 2007 when she made an entrance on MTV’s my Super Sweet 16. Then she was more known for her big hair, braces, skater style, and affiliation with Pharrell.

Iman comes from a different arena. He and his high-top fade garnered fame as a top defense player on the New York Knicks. He later traded in his blue and orange cap for a ring in Cleveland.

Iman and Taylor got engaged in November, a few months before the couple welcomed their baby girl Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr., who Iman delivered on their bathroom floor.

Yesterday, a woman claimed she had been messing with basketball star for two years, which happens to be about the same amount of time he’s been with Teyana.

I refuse to believe home girl suddenly felt for Teyana and decided to release the tea on social media versus removing herself from the situation. All leading me to question: Why are side chicks so damn happy to rub it in another woman’s face that they’re sleeping with her man?

Listen, I get it. Once upon a time I was a side chick and all I could remember was wanting to be with him so bad, I didn’t care what she felt like. I was also in high school and hadn’t yet experienced the debilitating pain that is heartbreak. In particular, the type of heartbreak that comes when you find out your man, the n*gga you gave everything to, has a b*tch on the side. Excuse my language, had a flashback. It was then, I learned what it felt like to be on the other side. I vowed to never be a woman who inflicts that type of pain on anther woman. Because if there’s one thing we can bond over, is how it feels to be cheated on (anther reason Lemonade is the anthem to Black women’s soul).

It seems side chicks nowadays are more interested in hurting the woman than “exposing” the man. Because, let’s be honest, these women, who allegedly cheat with Iman, know damn well he is in a relationship.

They’re not hiding it:

Without a doubt, men should be held accountable for their dirty-dog ways. Cheating is never acceptable. And to be fair, there are women out there who don’t even know they are the side chick. It does happen.

As the old cliché goes, it takes two to tango, which means as women, we should also hold ourselves accountable.

Iman didn’t confirm nor deny cheating rumors. Instead, he posted:

Teyana has yet to respond to the most recent accusations, but the couple did post this eight months ago:

Part two of this article is: Why do men cheat on the women they “love,” but that’s for another day.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram


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