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When you see a happy couple in the streets or gushing on social media are you happy, annoyed or skeptical … why?

  • People say happy but a month later posting statuses and meme’s mocking it
  • I’m happy for them. Hating on happiness doesn’t even sound right
  • I’m usually “Optimistic Joe”, but PDAs put me one or two categories 1). Infatuation Phase 2.) Over compensation
  • I’m very happy. Our “reality” is so cluttered with everything else. It’s a comforting sight.
  • No Feelings at all. Cause it’s Social Media. Not everything you see is true. If I’m in the streets I’ll smile and keep it moving.
  • I’m happy because if I’m in love i want the whole world to know we love each other deeply. We have to much hate in the world, celebrating true love
  • Thinking must be new like a car until you make the first payment.
  • I’m happy, it’s not my responsibility to worry about whats real or not. If im happy for someone else than I will reap that same happiness in return.


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