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There are a lot of ad campaigns pushing the beauty and sexiness of “real bodies.” Honest Moment: Is this a positive thing or is it pushing unhealthy habits?

  • Man like what you like ….. I likes me some stretch marks and a pouch.
  • As a former big girl, I got more looks then than I do now 200 lbs lighter. I am glad I lost the weight, but I think I was more appealing plus size.
  • I am really torn on this one. No one should be bashed for their size and looks. I think you can be honest and say beauty comes in all sizes but sometimes honestly when the weight is too high and you are not like the beautiful lady Michelle Carter who is an athlete that won gold for the shot put, or you are not weight lifting or doing judo- sports where the heft and the weight aka muscle is needed and helps you succeed it can be dangerous.That said these Hollywood actresses and singers I feel bad for them because they are back to a size 2 – 2 weeks after having a baby and you know they are not healthy, eating and all that rush to perfection can not be healthy.
  • We need to stop being so gullible. Why does it matter who is advertising or selling a product. “I want to see people that look like me.” That is a self esteem issue. Why do we automatically think “oh they are all so skinny, they are telling me to be like them.” “Oh they are heavy, they are telling me to be like them.” Buy the product or dont. If the size of the model has no relevance to the use/effectiveness of the product, why the hell is it an issue?

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