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Was talking to a friend about interracial relationships and we got into this area with the political / social climate the way it is. Can a lover of a different race understand your black experience? Thoughts …

  • I was JUST talking to my daughter about this earlier! Nope, can’t do it! No disrespect to any other race or love, I just believe that Black people have endured the most in this country/world and no one would understand that better than each other! I love love and people are free to love who they love, but as far as me, sista, My love will and always will be for my brothers! I’m here for it! Love & Light!
  • I believe that a person of another race can understand what racism is all about . But too live the black experience you must be black from birth . The black experience isn’t a class course too be studied in class . My white friends or girlfriend’s have never experience being called nigger or felt the effect of racism ,hatred . The Black Experience is our culture and heritage.
  • I don’t think they could understand because they have never been thru the same situations. For example, if someone’s parent passes away, u shouldn’t say that u understand how that person feels if both of your parents are alive. (I hope that example makes my statement clearer). I feel that they can empathize though.
  • Lord this is why I thank God that my husband I can have open dialogue.
  • No one can understand being Black but a Black person… in my experience as an African-American woman are completely different from the experiences of African American men. Unfortunately the current political climate has shown me how people cannot separate the black me from the black others and experiences they have had. They for whatever reason cannot sparse their views and cultural conditioning of what they perceive as black people and the black experience.
  • Real talk. Even some blacks don’t understand what it means to be black! Some grew up “charmed” and haven’t had their “ni@@er” moment (that’s that moment when someone white does something to you to abruptly remind you that your a “ni@@er” to them). Whether it be a cop, a boss, a co worker, or some random encounter with them. I’ve seen some black folks attitude and demeanor do a complete 180 once that happens!
  • We try too much to “understand”. We need to accept that we cant understand what its like to be in anyone else shoes. We ALL are affected my situation differently. Even inside the race. We need to stop telling others how to feel about what happened to them and accept that “this” is how it affected them and work forward. So love who u love. We can love our differences just as much as our common ground.

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