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Do you think monogamy is outdated?

  • Not outdated but probably a myth or mirage from the start….
  • No. Not if you want to live.
  • Nope. Folks just jump into it when they’re not prepared to be in it.
  • You know what..i honestly don’t remember the meanings of either monogamy or platonic
  • HELL NO, and neither are FUNERALS.
  • I don’t think it’s outdated. But I’m not sure it even really exists… at least not on continuum. I think people are capable of being sometimes monogamous but not a lifestyle. I think it’s like Santa Claus and makes you feel kind of good inside to think that something like that exists. *shrugs*
  • It is very possible. I met my wife years ago and I was not out to try to be monogamous . Monogamy is just the by product of a good relationship, it is nothing you go out and strive for.
  • No but I do think people are beginning to look outside the box for happiness. I think many people expect it but they don’t respect it.
  • Nope. But monogamy is a choice.