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Yandy (LHHNY) did not sign the marriage license knowing that her “husband” had loads of financial obligations and legal issues that would then become hers.

Should you take on a person’s bad debt simply because you fall in love with them?

  • Yes. If its real love. What if he was rich would you want his riches. Females trip me out. They do it everyday right now. Who ask a man for his credit report when they first meet? Fake
  • Hell no. I’m sorry I don’t care how in love you are. Credit is everything. And you would be a fool to mess up your credit for someone else. Especially when you didn’t cause any of those debts. So hell no. Keep your credit good.
  • Absolutely not! Sometimes a marriage can cause more financial challenges than if you remain single.
  • If you are becoming one, knowing each other’s debt and income to debt ratio is important when marrying. If she can take on the title of wife to him, she should also have no problem taking on half of his responsibilities either. Or having the financial means to clear it.
  • Nope, if it were my debt I wouldn’t want my soon to be husband to have to inherit my debts, I’d rather work towards being debt free before we tie the knot,
  • applaud Yandy. Mendecees’ relationship track record should be enough to give her pause. A pre-nuptial would likely disrupt the relationship based on the pressure he was putting on her over the phone. The other point on the pre-nup is that–like she said–her business could hit big later. It would be difficult to prove that Mendecees did not have an affect on that future success. Their line of “work” makes them vulnerable that way. The business is way too subjective. Those other two birds will also always be in the picture waiting on that shoe to drop. Joint ownership on a deed/title with your side piece? I wish my daughter would!