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Hoda Kotb just became a first time mom at 52. Janet just had a baby at 50. 

Is starting parenting in your 50s a sign of the times or a mistake?

  • Different strokes for different folks
  • At 50 the kids are out of the house, the grandkids are gone to college or w/ their mother. I just cant start over at that age. Retirement age for me
  • age 5o..its time to Enjoy life..parenting should be fine tuned for your existing children…& u @ 5o should be seeing and doing all you missed @ 49 & under..LIVE LIFE..2 THE FULLEST.
  • I guess it depends how healthy you are. I personally don’t want to be running after a kid in my 50’s towards my 60’s but if it makes you happy then go for it
  • The only thing I push at 50 is pina colada in tropics! Can’t imagine chasing a toddler at that age!
  • When you are rich it doesn’t really matter. They have nannies and housekeepers. For normal working class people it could be more of a challenge
  • Mistake. I’m 48 my oldest is 32 my youngest is 12. It’s driving me nuts. Pampers babies toddlers yuck
  • Not a mistake. Hoda adopted. If they want to provide a stable, loving home to a child, that’s their right!! I applaud them!! (As I prep to send my 1 and only off to college!!)
  • Honestly, I’ve always thought that it’s a bit selfish to be a much older parent. When nannies, housekeepers and drivers are no longer around, you’re expected to have this relationship with this child who is so far removed from your experience. And, you as a parent may not be around in your 70’s and 80’s to guide this young adult through life. Lastly, my mama always says, “babies are for young folks.”


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