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Over the weekend, Remy Ma had the Internet going nuts and sent the Hip Hop world in a tizzy when she dropped “Shether,” a seven minute diss track targeting Nicki Minaj.  This beef has been simmering for a while but Nicki’s verse on Gucci Mane’s latest release, “Make Love,” sent Remy over the top.

Remy took off the gloves with “Shether.”  She carefully deconstructed every aspect of Nicki’s persona and the burning question is, “Can Nicki recover?”  So far, Nicki has responded via social media touting her record sales and leaning on her relationship with Beyonce.  Not only do those actions fall short of sufficing, they validate Remy’s insults.


Essence magazine is discussing this and y’all still wanna talk net worth and record sales?? Look at the name positioning in the title of the article. Look at who they chose for the photo (Damn. Not even a split screen.). Please understand Remy can put a serious dent in Nicki’s career. All she has to do is get people to view Nicki as corny and she’s done. The street still dictates what’s hot, even if it doesn’t reap the benefits. If the street says Nicki isn’t hot anymore, the Pop world will begin to reject her. Look at Hammer. Need I say Jah Rule? Don’t think Nicki’s label (and the parent label…all 5 ninjas Remy mentioned in Shether) isn’t checking social media to gauge public opinion.

My advice to Nicki? Peace treaty, Boo. Waive that white flag and put Remy on your next album. Introduce her to your Pop audience and get cred (by association) in the street. If you can’t beat them join them.

Damn. Even Issa is weighing in. Please understand what I’m tryna tell y’all. It’s not about record sales. It’s not about net worth. It’s not even about Remy supplanting Nicki. It’s about changing the narrative around Nicki and influencing people’s perception of her. Since taking an L to Drake, Meek doesn’t even look the same. You’re a liar if you say he does.

Regardless of whether Nicki Minaj rebounds from being lyrically annihilated by Remy, this is the stuff Hip Hop is made of and has been missing.  I’m here for every bit of it.