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Former NBA star Scottie Pippin is working out things with his wife Larsa after she had a very public relationship with Future. Many are shocked that a man would take his cheating wife back.

Is it harder for a man to get over being cheated on? Do you think your man would forgive you?

  • I got cheated on and still married my ” ex ” wife . Dumbest decision i ever made lol . Love makes you dumb
  • From a man POV—it’s WAY easier if you did your dirt as well. You’re like well it’s not like I wasn’t out there. Guys usually don’t care though, they can run through 300, but she go to ONE and it’s over. Dead.
  • Cheaper to keep her. She would’ve been running around spending all his money on and with the next dude. Keep it in the family.

  • I don’t think he would and if he did it would never be the same. Men don’t recover like women.
  • Yes it is and I don’t currently have a man but I don’t think my ex would have taken me bk…Many men are very unforgiving when it comes to us cheating…And whats even more crazy they can be cheating on you and find out your cheating and they will call you all kinds of snake bitches and will say fuqk you…
  • No…like you said its harder for men…but its ok for them…
  • Claim what you love and if the 2 are willing to commit to working it out. Good for them

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