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Ciara’s best friend was photographed sitting on Ciara’s husband’s lap and lots of folks were like … that’s not appropriate.

Have you set boundaries for your friends when it comes to your lover or is it all cool because you are all friends?

  • Some things shouldn’t have to be spoken. She should know how far too far is already
  • That was crossing the line!!
  • On her husbands lap? I wouldn’t feel comfortable even THINKING about sitting on one of my friend/sister husband’s lap. It’s so much wrong here…so much.
  • My real friends wouldn’t do that period! #grownwomen 
  • Honestly none of my homegirls will never sit on my mans lap , and my man will not allow it either. It’s too intimate.
  • My foot would be up both their asses
  • But maybe they have an open marriage and have threesomes with her friend .. this is 2017
  • Inappropriate. Whether it was innocent or not, you don’t sit on someone’s husband lap point blank period.