13-year-old Black girl accepted into medical school As a parent you sometimes feel so proud when your child accomplishes some great things, and I can only imagine how proud this young woman’s parents must be. I’m talking about the amazing work of 13 year old Alena Analeigh Wicker, who was accepted to the University of […]

2 Inventors Make History As First Black Women Inducted Into National Inventors Hall Of Fame Marian Croak and Dr. Patricia Bath now you may not know these women by their names but they are not new to shattering that glass ceiling and both women are now being honored for their work. Marian Croak, an engineer, and […]

Ciara’s best friend was photographed sitting on Ciara’s husband’s lap and lots of folks were like … that’s not appropriate. Have you set boundaries for your friends when it comes to your lover or is it all cool because you are all friends? Some things shouldn’t have to be spoken. She should know how far […]