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Mariah Carey reportedly paid her back-up dancer that she was dating $25k a month so that he could afford to buy her gifts that she would like during their brief relationship. There were rumors that JLo did the same when she was dating her dancer.

Would you give a lover an allowance so that they could date and romance you at the level you need? Does money play that big of a role in love?

  • Where’s the love in that?
  • Um nah..I want you to buy me gifts, flowers etc..from the bottom of your heart and ya own wallet Sir..allowances are for my children..
  • Well damn…so much for spoiling yourself…not love fo’sho…if this is true…guess it explains their failed marriages…not love fo’sho
  • Basically they are paying their men to go shopping for them. So no I’m not going to pay a person to buy my gifts
  • So basically she was buying her own stuff, but it must have felt special cause he gave it to her, but brought it with her money🤔🤔🤔….desperation at its best!
  • Do what you want to do but why not just spend the money on yourself in the first place-it is basically renting a boyfriend-not my cup of tea but to each his own!
  • Why did she need to date him? She bought her own gifts and paid him a salary also. He must have been just eye candy.
  • If you are rich, why does your mate if they are not rich, have to buy you things? That’s just so egotistical to me. Buy me flowers, cook me dinner. Rub my feet!
  • Money isn’t s huge factor. But I don’t see the point of her giving him money to buy her gifts. Bc it’s not really coming from him.

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