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Do you think people have to learn how to be married before considering marriage or is simply loving someone enough to get you there?

  • Learn what marriage is, than try it. Mistakes will happen but it’s how you choose to handle it.
  • Marriage is definitely work.. It’s not just about love. It’s also a matter of respect & compromise.. Every day is a learning opportunity because your dealing with another human being that you. Want to spend your life with.. Not an easy task.. But the right one is worth it
  • it is a skill but you can dive in and just like life you can learn on the job
  • I had a male friend tell me that marriage shouldn’t be hard if you are married to the right person. That resonated in me many years not understanding what he meant. Me and my husband have an awesome relationship. We are so in sync that we finish each other sentences and comment the same responses.
  • We learn how to be in relationships from our parents. If our parents weren’t in or were in dysfunctional relationships, one would have to learn how to be a wife/husband. It’s not a knowledge you are simply born with. It’s a learned skill
  • I learned how to be a good wife by watching how my elders interacted with one another. There was always a mutual respect factor. Even when it was rough, they still kept their heads high. They also respected their position and honored that of the other. But they also supported other married couples and I often heard , never compare any marriage to another.