THE BUZZ! North Carolina pastor arrested after police say he tried to push wife’s coworker into McDonald’s deep fryer Next, Pastors provide spiritual leadership and a lot more to many. But they are human too and sometimes can be examples of the the phrase F around and Find out. Like this North Carolina pastor who […]

THE BUZZ! Tyrese Demands His Ex-Wife Samantha Lee To Change Her Last Name Following Their Public Feud: “She Hates My Guts And Yet Her Drivers License Still Says Gibson” [Video] First up Relationship drama playing out on social media is more often than not, messy. This incident involving Tyrese and his ex wife Samantha Lee […]

THE BUZZ!   Full List of 26 Republicans Who Refused To Denounce White Supremacy First up. Hate continues to be a serious issue for this country. Just days ago Democrats tried to get support from Republicans on rejecting White Nationalism and White Supremacy. They did not get it. Democratic members of the House Oversight and Accountability committee […]

Do you think people have to learn how to be married before considering marriage or is simply loving someone enough to get you there? Learn what marriage is, than try it. Mistakes will happen but it’s how you choose to handle it. Marriage is definitely work.. It’s not just about love. It’s also a matter […]

Jor'Dan Armstrong ties the knot to Necie on April 8, 2017.

Apollo of Real Housewives of Atlanta is engaged! Could you get engaged to someone who is locked up? Yep if she turns the assets over to me and is in there for life, Other than that, NO WAY Hell ta da naw! Nope! I worked in a prison. I watched women come in and out; they […]

Just Married! Adrienne Bailon Weds Gospel-Boo Israel Houghton

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Congrats are in order for Kirk Franklin's daughter who just got married! Watch their epic father-daughter dance.