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Full List of 26 Republicans Who Refused To Denounce White Supremacy

First up.
Hate continues to be a serious issue for this country.
Just days ago Democrats tried to get support from Republicans on rejecting White Nationalism and White Supremacy.
They did not get it.
Democratic members of the House Oversight and Accountability committee asked their colleagues to sign a letter pledging to denouncing “white nationalism and white supremacy,” as well the use of related conspiracy theories,  during committee hearings.
Theories like the Great Replacement theory, a far-right claim that white Americans are purposely being replaced as the dominant race in the country by minorities and immigrants for political gain.
Well all 26 Republicans in the House chose not to sign.
Instead some claim it was a distraction from the real issue, immigration.

A spokesperson for Oversight Committee member Rep. Anna Paulina Luna noted that the Republican has stated in the past: “We don’t have a white supremacy problem, we have an illegal immigration problem.”
The more they talk the more they show their true colors.
Source: Newsweek



Former BET CEO Debra Lee Says She Had An Affair With Founder Bob Johnson, Claims He Threatened Her Job If They Split

Speaking of talking.
Former BET CEO Debra Lee is talking about her life, career, including some steamy details of an affair turned toxic and more.
You can find out all about that in her book, I Am Debra Lee.

in the book she speaks on her challenges as a young women trying to be successful.  She even open up about having an abortion before attending law school and how that affected her.
Some tea got spilled on her affair with former BET head Bob Johnson. One that allegedly took place while the two were married.
A relationship she claims he held over her.
She said, “I saw it wasn’t a long-term relationship, and my job and my career were held over my head. It was like, ‘Well, if you want to break up with me, then you can leave tomorrow.’ And that was 20 years into my career at BET so I would have lost everything.”
As for how she came out of the situation. She says “What saved me was therapy, and eventually, Bob left the company and I became CEO, and I was CEO for 13 years without him being there and…to live my dream without any form of harassment,” she said, adding that after the rise of Me Too and the Time’s Up movement, she began recontextualizing the relationship to ask herself how much consent she actually had in and during its development.
Source: Yahoo / Essence

Baltimore health officials warn of recent increase in infant mortality rate

Last but not least.
There’s a saying that GOES NUMBERS don’t lie. 
So when you see or hear certain numbers you should pay attention.
For example, city health officials announced there has been a sudden spike in infant deaths in Baltimore.
The concern is enough for health officials to warn the public ABOUT IT…
Baltimore City Health Commissioner said, “Since Dec. 1 of last year, we have seen 18 sleep-related infant deaths, 11 of those deaths occurred in infants residing in Baltimore City and seven of those deaths occurred in Baltimore County.
This is more than all of last year’s sleep-related deaths total.” 

Health experts want expectant parents and families to remember the ABCD’s of infant sleep:

  • A: Alone. Make sure your baby sleeps by themselves.
  • B: Back. Always place your baby on their back to sleep.
  • C: Crib. Babies should sleep in a crib or bassinet.
  • D: Don’t smoke. Secondhand smoke can cause breathing problems for babies.

So a reminder for new parents, Grandparents, and those in childcare.

Source: WBAL