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Do you get nervous when your spouse is around single women / men?

  • Yes! SO many women today don’t respect the ring.
  • Being the eligible single guy in my circle, I get those “do you have to hang out with him looks” from my friends wives lol. Lucky for them, I honor the bro code
  • No. If he stray then he’s not my man and he saved me a headache
  • I am not worried about the singles. Some of these married folks are far more dangerous.
  • No. Trying to control someone surroundings is a waste if time. If you all are good it doesn’t matter who they are around. Trust is trust.
  • It’s does not matter if they are single or in a relationship, If they want to cheat they are going to cheat.
  • No not at all you have to be confident in yourself and in your marriage