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Kandi Burruss often gets the diva edit in Xscape’s story, but she doesn’t think that’s an accurate depiction of her

Xscape’s reunion hasn’t been as smooth. If their incredibly awkward appearance on Watch What Happens Live is any indication, there is still a deep divide in the group. As Kandi told, a lot that has to do with the fact that she and the other members just don’t see eye-to-eye.

“It’s always drama,” Kandi said in a solo interview. “We all think differently when it comes to handling business, or at least, the three of them think differently than me.”

She continued, “It’s always them three against me, and I feel like I’m always made to be the villain. It’s really irritating and stressful.”

The group may be struggling to find its groove, but the fans are eating up the reunion. Kandi didn’t expect the warm reception they’ve gotten, but she said it makes doing shows more fun for her.

“The first three shows we did in the summer were all sold out, and now we’re about to go on tour and the tickets are selling like crazy,” she says. “I didn’t even realize how much people did love us as a group, which is a great thing. If nothing else, I am enjoying this time because of the fans.”

Seeing how Kandi has been interacting with Tamika Scott, LaTocha Sccott, and Tiny, might lead some to wonder how the reunion even came about. According to Kandi, it was a complete accident that manifested from simply wanting to protect Xscape’s story.

“What happened was a network was going to do an unauthorized movie about us, and of course I’m not going to let somebody just take my legacy,” Kandi explained. “I called my group members and we were all able to have a conversation to start trying to get our story told the right way.”

Before she could sit down with the ladies to present themselves as a group for a unified message, there was some old issues that needed to be confronted. Specifically, she wanted Tamika to take back the accusations that Kandi had slept with both Jermain Dupri and his father, Michael Maudlin.

“I was like, ‘I need a public apology,’” Kandi recalled. “’She’s going to have to say to the world that the stuff that she said about me was a lie.’”

Everything fell together from there even though she tried to clarify that their joint appearance was not a full reunion. She recalled, “In doing that–we did it on the radio–and the radio disc jockey, he’s like, ‘Oh, Xscape is back!’ I was like, ‘Xscape is not back!’”

Implying that she got pulled into the reunion, Kandi explained, “All of a sudden we started getting all these offers to perform and do shows, so I just went with the flow for the moment.”


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