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Hey this is just so wrong.  Black men have historically been victims of fake rape charges by white women and false charges hurt the real victims of sexual assault who courageously come forward   But during this climate when so many women are bravely stepping up, I guess it’s inevitable that there’s a few tryna take advantage and run game.  Here’s one

University of Oklahoma  star running back Rodney Anderson’s reputation was dragged through the mud, his career and freedom put in jeopardy because of a woman who was bitter that he didn’t want to pursue a relationship with her according to the Cleveland County, Oklahoma District Attorney who announced he won’t pursue charges against the running back.  But the DA Greg Mashburn  is being slammed because he’s not filing charges against the false accuser which critics say encourage others to make false claims. Anderson passed a lie detector test and the woman bragged to her friends how excited she was that she got with him sexually.  The DA says she even sent friendly sext messages after their initial smash fest and she never communicated ‘no’ in any way.  The DA said she cried rape after he told her he didn’t want to be her boyfriend.

Anderson is lucky there was some proof otherwise he likely would be in court today, possibly lose his career and could have  joined the ranks of innocent African American men in prison.  Girl accept that it was a smash and dash and keep it movin. Don’t try to ruin the man.  SMH

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