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The bootie might be fake but K. Michelle always keeps it real.  Unlike many celebrities she keesp it 1000 about her plastic surgery and never fronted like her junk in the trunk was natural.  Now, the singer and reality star says her fake bootie has got to go and she will  be undergoing butt  reduction surgery to reduce what she calls her “big ole butt Betsy.”

She recently posted a tribute to her backsides listing all the folks who loved it posting on Instagram with a video montage of her twerking Betsy with Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” playing in the background. Reflecting on the times she spent with her fake booty K. Michelle wrote, “Good Betsey! It’s been 2much of you stealing my shine. It’s time to allow my new booty to be set free. I had so much fun Betsy! You were the apple of the eye of several nfl, nba, and rappers. They loved that a**.”Opening up about what she’ll miss most about her larger-than-life bottom, K. Michelle added, ”I will miss you and how my jeans fit. But I won’t miss hopping into my jeans every morning. I won’t miss my weight being so up and down that when I’m smaller you have me looking like a chicken drumstick.”

K. Michelle says there were too many health risks brought on by the fake booty and her quest to get rid of it sharing a few pearls with others thinking of trying to big up that behind.

, “No amount of beauty is worth your health!, she told Black newspaper the Atlanta Voice, “ So everything has to be returned to its natural state! Jan I”ll really be Kimberly again a fake booty in the future.” It’s nice to see a celebrity get candid about the downside and risks often associated with plastic surgery and body enhancements. And not just the booty is going back to its natural state, The Kim K singer also revealed she will be using her original name, Kimberly, moving forward.

Wishing K. Michelle excuse me Kimberly a safe surgery and speedy recovery as she chucks up the deuces to  Betsy.   What do you think ?  Follow me @Jaztalk1 on Instagram and Twitter and JazD1 on Facebook.

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